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Curriculum & Learning

Help with Mathematics

Calculation Overview

At our school we follow the Carmel Archimedes Mixed Age maths planning. This planning predominately uses the White Rose teaching resources. Our calculation policy is therefore taken from the White Rose Calculation Policy but for the benefit of parents/carers we have broken it down into year groups.

For each year group/class, it is broken down further into addition and subtraction and also multiplication and division. There is also an overview of the different representations and models used in that year group/class that can support the teaching of the different concepts.

In addition to this you will also find a glossary of terms to support the understanding of the key language used to teach all four operators.

Should you have any queries, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Mathematics by Year Group

Please click on each item to download support materials.


Key representations used in EYFS

The Counting Principles - EYFS

Year 1

Year 1 Addition & Subtraction

Addition & subtraction representations

Year 1 Addition

Year 1 Subtraction

Year 1 Multiplication & Division

Multiplication and division representations

Year 1 Multiplication

Year 1 Division

Year 2

Year 2 Addition & Subtraction

Addition and subtraction representations

Year 2 Addition

Year 2 Subtraction

Year 2 Multiplication & Division

Multiplication and division representations

Year 2 Multiplication

Year 2 Multiplication Tables

Year 2 Division

Year 3

Year 3 Addition & Subtraction

Addition and subtraction representations

Year 3 Addition

Year 3 Subtraction

Year 3 Multiplication & Division

Multiplication and division representations

Year 3 Multiplication

Year 3 Multiplication Tables

Year 3 Division

Year 4

Year 4 Addition & Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction representations

Year 4 Addition

Year 4 Subtraction

Year 4 Multiplication & Division

Multiplication and Division Representations

Year 4 Multiplication

Year 4 Multiplication Tables

Year 4 Division

Year 5

Year 5 Addition & Subtraction

Addition & Subtraction Representations

Year 5 Addition

Year 5 Subtraction

Year 5 Multiplication & Division

Multiplication & Division Representations

Year 5 Multiplication

Year 5 Division

Year 6

Year 6 Addition & Subtraction

Addition & Subtraction Representations

Year 6 Addition

Year 6 Subtraction

Year 6 Multiplication & Division

Multiplication & Division Representations

Year 6 Multiplication

Year 6 Division


Glossary for addition and subtraction

Glossary for multiplication and division

Synergy Trust Schools

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Synergy Schools is a federation of primary schools in the north of North Yorkshire. The federation was formed in September 2018 when Brompton-on-Swale and Crakehall Church of England Primary Schools successfully shared senior leadership capacity. In July 2021, the federation welcomed Leeming & Londonderry Community Primary and Pickhill Church of England Primary school into the federation.